Evacuation day for Dosbarth Caerffili and Hafren.

This week, Dosbarth Caerffili and Hafren became evacuees for the day. The children made their way to the train station and bid a tearful farewell to their families as they departed for Barry Island.

Waving goodbye to their families

The evacuees arrived safely at Barry Island!

They took some time to explore the beach and build some wonderful sand castles!

They enjoyed an ice cream and hot chocolate on the beach. Many thanks to Marco’s Cafe!

The evacuees then made their way to the excellent Barry War Museum where they learnt about what it was like to live during wartime.

The children were able to view and learn from many different artefacts.

The evacuees had an amazing experience when they met an actual WW2 evacuee whilst eating ice cream. he was able to give a first hand account of his experience to the children.

Year 2 visit the National Botanic Garden

We were very lucky with the weather on Wednesday when we went to explore the beautiful National Botanic Garden of Wales as part of our topic, Scented Gardens. There was so much for the children to see and do, we all had a wonderful time!

We explored the gardens and found some plants and flowers we had never seen before. We used our senses to describe them.

The butterfly house was an exciting place to be (and very hot!). We were very respectful and stayed really quiet so as not to scare the butterflies! We enjoyed sharing the facts we had researched about butterflies with the butterfly expert.

We explored the Great Glasshouse which houses some of the most endangered plants on Earth! They come from six areas of the world, California, Australia, the Canary Islands, Chile, South Africa, the Mediterranean Basin.

After all that exploring, we were eager for lunch! The weather was so beautiful we were able to sit outside and enjoy the view and surroundings while we ate. We even had some time to play in the park!

We were taught all about seeds by an expert. She helped us understand that there are many different types of seeds. They come in all different shapes and sizes and we were able to take a closer look and sort them into groups based on their similarities. We were then able to plant our own seeds which we bought back to school with us!

We had an amazing day! A big thank you to staff at the National Botanic Garden of Wales for making it a very enjoyable learning experience!

Another big thank you to our parent helpers who came along to join us! You’re amazing!