Evacuation day for Dosbarth Caerffili and Hafren.

This week, Dosbarth Caerffili and Hafren became evacuees for the day. The children made their way to the train station and bid a tearful farewell to their families as they departed for Barry Island.

Waving goodbye to their families

The evacuees arrived safely at Barry Island!

They took some time to explore the beach and build some wonderful sand castles!

They enjoyed an ice cream and hot chocolate on the beach. Many thanks to Marco’s Cafe!

The evacuees then made their way to the excellent Barry War Museum where they learnt about what it was like to live during wartime.

The children were able to view and learn from many different artefacts.

The evacuees had an amazing experience when they met an actual WW2 evacuee whilst eating ice cream. he was able to give a first hand account of his experience to the children.