Reception’s Trip to Cefn Mably Farm

This week, Dosbarth Ogwr took a trip to Cefn Mably farm.

Despite the rain, they had a fabulous day! They were able to visit and pet the animals while discussing all the knowledge they have learnt over the past few weeks  in their topic ‘Do Cows Drink Milk?’

It might be raining but we’re having a great time!
We met a curious goat!
We brushed the guinea pigs!
Saying hello! to a friendly pony!

Year 3 Visit from Warburtons

We watched a video about how the bread is made from the wheat in the field to the packaged bread in the supermarket.


We then learned about the Eat Well Plate and talked about the different food groups and how much we should eat from each. We were reminded about food hygiene and all washed our hands and walked back to class with “bakers’ hands”, placing one hand on top of the other, not touching anything else.

The ladies from Warburtons, Angela and Cheryl, then put our aprons and hair nets on for us.


Then we were able to make our sandwiches. We had to include at least 2 veg.



We had a great time and we were able to take home our sandwich, a certificate and a packet of Warburtons Thins. We were also given activity booklets that were left for us to do in lessons!

Year 3 pupils

STEM Fortnight @ Ysgol y Ddraig

Monday 5th MarchFriday 16th March 2017


STEM fortnight

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

at Ysgol-y-Ddraig Primary School.

Your home learning task is to make a marble run.

Entries will be judged on:

  • It must be no more than 1m high
  • Length of time the rolling marble takes to reach the ground
  • It must not be a prebought marble run



All marble runs to be in school by Monday 12th March so all entries can be exhibited, judged and tested.

The winner and runner up from Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 will go to Romilly Primary School for the battle of the 5 schools’ competition.

Good Luck!


Be sure to visit the Ysgol y Ddraig website by clicking here. On the homepage you will find weekly school and class newsletters and lots more!

Safer Internet Day

Last Friday following Safer Internet Day, our E-Cadets and DigiDragons held a fayre in the hall for classes to attend. Our E-Cadets and Digi Dragons represented their classes and shared some of the important activities that they have been completing to understand and raise awareness of internet safety. 

Da iawn pawb!



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