About Ysgol Y Ddraig

We are a new primary school forming from the amalgamation of Eagleswell and LLanilltud Fawr Primary Schools, within the Llantwit Learning Community.

Manor Adventure 2020!

This week was a very busy week for us at Ysgol y Ddraig. Year 6 went to Llangrannog (See previous blog) and year 4 have been to Manor Adventure where they had the opportunity to challenge themselves, face their fears and work as part of a team through lots of exciting activities! Here are just a few highlights from their roarsome adventure!

Big smiles as we start our journey!
Enjoying the scenery while taking a break from travelling
Challenging ourselves on the obstacle course

Fun on the zip wire!

Going up!

And coming down!

We really enjoyed the archery lessons!
Orienteering fun!

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Llangrannog 2020!

This week, year 6 went on a residential trip to Llangrannog and had an amazing time taking part in all sorts of activities!

We had a roarsome time!

Dosbarth Hafren and Caerfilli excited at the start of their journey!

After a great first day, the groups mingled and enjoyed games and a quiz.

We played parachute games

Overcoming fears on the high ropes!

Climbing walls!

We loved the quad bikes

Low ropes!

We enjoyed our breakfast!

Skiing was great fun

Learning archery

Dosbarth Hafren a Caerfilli

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Superhero Day!

Foundation phase had a fantastic start to their topic with their WOW day.

We started off the day as superhero’s dancing. We know that superhero’s stay healthy by exercising and making sure they stay physical.

Dosbarth Ogwr
Dosbarth Colhuw
Dosbarth Colhuw

We also prepared our super-power shakes with fruits that will keep our bodies healthy and strong. We also recorded the recipe steps, so the next superheroes could make it too! 

Dosbarth Ogwr
Dosbarth Ogwr
Dosbarth Rheidol
Dosbarth Rheidol

We ended the day sharing our superhero masks. What a roarsome way to start our new topic!!

Forest School has begun!

Over the next few months, groups of children from Dosbarth Rheidol and Coch will be joining Mrs P in our very own forest school sessions. They will be den building, toasting marshmallows and even chopping their own kindling!

This is the first session and today, group 1 focussed on teamwork and making shelters for forest creatures.

We had fun climbing the trees!

At the end of the session, group 1 enjoyed a warm drink while reflecting on a wonderful first session.

Make sure you check our twitter page @ysgolyddraig to see what new skills we will be learning next week!

Evacuation day for Dosbarth Caerffili and Hafren.

This week, Dosbarth Caerffili and Hafren became evacuees for the day. The children made their way to the train station and bid a tearful farewell to their families as they departed for Barry Island.

Waving goodbye to their families

The evacuees arrived safely at Barry Island!

They took some time to explore the beach and build some wonderful sand castles!

They enjoyed an ice cream and hot chocolate on the beach. Many thanks to Marco’s Cafe!

The evacuees then made their way to the excellent Barry War Museum where they learnt about what it was like to live during wartime.

The children were able to view and learn from many different artefacts.

The evacuees had an amazing experience when they met an actual WW2 evacuee whilst eating ice cream. he was able to give a first hand account of his experience to the children.

Dosbarth Rheidol take a stroll through our local area.

We enjoyed our walk to find out what Llantwit Major has to offer. Fortunately, the weather stayed dry and we were able to carry out our survey, discovering what shops/services there are in Llantwit town.

All ready to go!

We used a tally chart to help us find the total numbers, remembering to make a ‘gate’ when we reached 5.

We used a tally chart to carry our a survey based on the different shops and services in Llantwit.

Diolch to all of our parent helpers who made the trip possible and to our children for being safe, responsible and respectful!

Dosbarth Ogwr and Fonmon visit the doctor!

This week in Dosbarth Fonmon and Ogwr, we took a trip to the Doctors surgery to help us understand how we can use our roleplay area accurately.

We took our time reading books in the waiting room while we waited for our names to be called by the doctor. 

Reading some books while waiting for our names to be called.

We then had the opportunity to sit in the Doctors consulting room where we looked at the equipment, wrote prescriptions, weighed ourselves and took our friends blood pressure. 

We had a brilliant time and can now take these skills and use them in our own Doctor’s Surgery in school.

Year 2 visit the National Botanic Garden

We were very lucky with the weather on Wednesday when we went to explore the beautiful National Botanic Garden of Wales as part of our topic, Scented Gardens. There was so much for the children to see and do, we all had a wonderful time!

We explored the gardens and found some plants and flowers we had never seen before. We used our senses to describe them.

The butterfly house was an exciting place to be (and very hot!). We were very respectful and stayed really quiet so as not to scare the butterflies! We enjoyed sharing the facts we had researched about butterflies with the butterfly expert.

We explored the Great Glasshouse which houses some of the most endangered plants on Earth! They come from six areas of the world, California, Australia, the Canary Islands, Chile, South Africa, the Mediterranean Basin.

After all that exploring, we were eager for lunch! The weather was so beautiful we were able to sit outside and enjoy the view and surroundings while we ate. We even had some time to play in the park!

We were taught all about seeds by an expert. She helped us understand that there are many different types of seeds. They come in all different shapes and sizes and we were able to take a closer look and sort them into groups based on their similarities. We were then able to plant our own seeds which we bought back to school with us!

We had an amazing day! A big thank you to staff at the National Botanic Garden of Wales for making it a very enjoyable learning experience!

Another big thank you to our parent helpers who came along to join us! You’re amazing!

Reception’s Trip to Cefn Mably Farm

This week, Dosbarth Ogwr took a trip to Cefn Mably farm.

Despite the rain, they had a fabulous day! They were able to visit and pet the animals while discussing all the knowledge they have learnt over the past few weeks  in their topic ‘Do Cows Drink Milk?’

It might be raining but we’re having a great time!
We met a curious goat!
We brushed the guinea pigs!
Saying hello! to a friendly pony!

Rights Respecting Fayre

All pupils had a roarsome time embedding Children’s Rights at our Rights Respecting fayre this term.

Each school action group created activities for children and parents to participate in which helped us learn right of UNCRC (United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child).

As a school we are thriving to be confident in understanding our rights and ensuring they are embedded in our whole school ethos.

dxxw6nqxgaafan5dxxw6nrwwaenggbdxxw6nyx4aacf9vdxxzabowwaceg9jdxxzabrx4aa2jwdrss fayrerss

We hope our fayre allowed parent’s to see how we are celebrating Children Right’s in our school and enjoyed all activities put on by the children of Ysgol y Ddraig.

Year 4 Trip to Bristol Aquarium

This week, year 4 went to visit the fantastic Bristol Aquarium as part of their topic, blue abyss.

We had a guide who told us lots of interesting facts about the creatures at the aquarium. Did you know that when  a starfish loses a leg they can grow another leg and then that leg can grow a new body!


We also learned that the male seahorse makes his pouch really big to show off to the female seahorse. The males seahorse carries the babies and looks after them until they are old enough to look after themselves!


We learned that the strongest male clownfish turns into a female and then becomes the queen of all the other clownfish!


We got to hold a tooth from a megalodon shark. The megalodon shark was the largest predator that ever lived.

meg tooth

We had a look at some shark eggs and stingray eggs and even got to see what shark skin feels like!

We had a great time!



Christmas School Fair

On Saturday 15th December, a fantastic time was had by all at the school fair.

Thank you to all the PTA members and staff who attended and helped it run smoothly.

The choir opened the fair by singing beautifully and really setting the Christmassy mood.


Afterwards people enjoyed playing lots of Christmas related games, taking part in the Christmas crafts and purchasing items from the variety of stalls.

Father Christmas attended and gave out gifts to all the lucky girls and boys.

We can’t wait for the holidays to come now!

Dosbarth Rheidol Show and See

On Wednesday 5th December, Dosbarth Rheidol welcomed our families to join us for a roarsome afternoon at Show and See. This was an opportunity for us to showcase all of our fantastic learning we have done during our Beachcombers and Land Ahoy topic this term.

As always, the golden rule for Show and See afternoons is ‘all grown-ups must join in with our favourite 5-a-day routine.’ So we started the afternoon dancing and singing to  the pirate video, as we had enjoyed learning the song and dance moves to this during our topic. Our parents tried really hard to copy the moves and follow the instructions.


Then we had a chance to share our learning within our indoor and outdoor classroom, with our grown-ups.

We enjoyed programming the Beebot, making symmetrical buildings in our builder’s yard and racing our grown ups against the sand timer in our 100 square challenge.




We constructed an electric circuit and tested which materials would allow the electricity to flow through it to keep the bulb lit up. We discovered tinfoil and the fork were the best objects.


Also, we got into the Christmas spirit by writing Christmas lists to Father Christmas, creating Christmas wreaths and Christmas themed paintings using the technique we learnt this term – ‘Pointilism’


Finally, we ended our afternoon by performing our ‘Under the Sea’ dance to our grown-ups. We have worked hard on this dance during the Autumn term, learning techniques such as mirroring, shadowing and canon. We also used ribbons throughout our choreography. Check out our Twitter post for a video of our dance!


Diolch to all of our families who joined us for our Show and See afternoon. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Remember to check out our Twitter page to follow all of our learning in Dosbarth Rheidol.

Year 3 Visit from Warburtons

We watched a video about how the bread is made from the wheat in the field to the packaged bread in the supermarket.


We then learned about the Eat Well Plate and talked about the different food groups and how much we should eat from each. We were reminded about food hygiene and all washed our hands and walked back to class with “bakers’ hands”, placing one hand on top of the other, not touching anything else.

The ladies from Warburtons, Angela and Cheryl, then put our aprons and hair nets on for us.


Then we were able to make our sandwiches. We had to include at least 2 veg.



We had a great time and we were able to take home our sandwich, a certificate and a packet of Warburtons Thins. We were also given activity booklets that were left for us to do in lessons!

Year 3 pupils

STEM Fortnight @ Ysgol y Ddraig

Monday 5th MarchFriday 16th March 2017


STEM fortnight

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

at Ysgol-y-Ddraig Primary School.

Your home learning task is to make a marble run.

Entries will be judged on:

  • It must be no more than 1m high
  • Length of time the rolling marble takes to reach the ground
  • It must not be a prebought marble run



All marble runs to be in school by Monday 12th March so all entries can be exhibited, judged and tested.

The winner and runner up from Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 will go to Romilly Primary School for the battle of the 5 schools’ competition.

Good Luck!


Be sure to visit the Ysgol y Ddraig website by clicking here. On the homepage you will find weekly school and class newsletters and lots more!

Safer Internet Day

Last Friday following Safer Internet Day, our E-Cadets and DigiDragons held a fayre in the hall for classes to attend. Our E-Cadets and Digi Dragons represented their classes and shared some of the important activities that they have been completing to understand and raise awareness of internet safety. 

Da iawn pawb!



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