Year 4 Trip to Bristol Aquarium

This week, year 4 went to visit the fantastic Bristol Aquarium as part of their topic, blue abyss.

We had a guide who told us lots of interesting facts about the creatures at the aquarium. Did you know that when  a starfish loses a leg they can grow another leg and then that leg can grow a new body!


We also learned that the male seahorse makes his pouch really big to show off to the female seahorse. The males seahorse carries the babies and looks after them until they are old enough to look after themselves!


We learned that the strongest male clownfish turns into a female and then becomes the queen of all the other clownfish!


We got to hold a tooth from a megalodon shark. The megalodon shark was the largest predator that ever lived.

meg tooth

We had a look at some shark eggs and stingray eggs and even got to see what shark skin feels like!

We had a great time!



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