Year 4’s trip to Manor Adventure!

Year 4 have had a very exciting trip this week visiting Manor Adventure for lots of exciting activities.

We had lots of excited faces on the bus!


Once we arrived we jumped straight into some activities including making our own rafts.


After a busy day of travelling and activities we relaxed in front of a film before bed time.


You can’t start a day full of activities without a big breakfast!


We then dove straight into the obstacle course!


And then even got to absail!


A favourite of ours was giving fencing a go


After a busy day, sleeping lions was a good choice to help relax.


Our first week in school


Take a look at what our journalists think of their first week in the new school.

Woohoo!! Our first week in our new school completed!! It has been so much fun exploring our new school and getting used to it! My favourite part has been our new classroom with our touch screen computer, wobbly seats and our own tables! 

I love wearing my awesomely awesome slippers and it is fun sliding around the school. Our school hall is massive and the corridors and stairs are brightly coloured! We have lots of new things including things in our classrooms as well as a lab with high tech computers and a studio for dance and green screen projects. 

We’ve played maths and literacy games on the touch screen whiteboard and had a competition on a connectives game, Boys Vs Girls. Girls won! We are learning about the history of remembrance day and poppies, and then making posters about it to raise awareness. We are also selling snap bands and wrist bands and badges to raise money for poppy appeal! 

I love our new school and cannot wait for more learning and activities across the school. 


The first week of school was amazing.It has been so much fun going around the school and wearing slippers in class.It will take some getting used to knowing where everything is but I’m sure I will get it.My favourite place in the school is the hall because it is so big and i like going down the stairs to get to it.There are no radiators in the school because its all got underfloor heating so it will be warm when we sit on the floor.The school has a lot of cool things including touch screens in every classroom we have a lab and a studio and apple computers in the lab.We have been raising money for poppy appeal from the 9th November to the 11th November which included selling poppy appeal slap bands, poppy appeal wrist bands, poppy appeal bracelets and poppy shaped reflectors.In class we have got apple computers and wobble stools witch is really fun to sit on.In maths we have been doing BODMAS which is exciting and in literacy we have been doing a story about a child getting evacuated and thats really fun too.


Welcome to Ysgol y Ddraig this is only week one in the new school and its been filled with really fun activities. I still cant get used to climbing stairs but before we moved in we got a tour of the school we got to bring slippers in because we don’t want our brand new carpet and since we have slippers it is lush because we have got underfloor heating #cosy. This week has been amazing we have played maths and literacy and welsh games in maths we have been learning about perimeter, area, angels, algebra and BODMAS. In literacy we have been learning about really good connectives and on Thursday the 10th of November Dosbath Carfilli wrote a story about an Evacue’s problems when they got to there foster parents and some stories were a little bit dark. And we have been playing a connectives game boys v girls at 1st break DJ and CU have been selling fruit tuck to children who bring in 20p so the teachers know that the children in ysgol y ddraig are having a healthy snack because we are a healthy eating school and also this week AL and EP are selling poppys snap bands and wrist bands. We have had reverend Hibbard in to tell us a story out of the bible and we have also had our very first stars assembly and LJ earned the lunch time award and that rounds up our first week in our new school in Ysgol Y Ddraig by MB.


Sounds like they have had lots of fun in the new building and can’t wait to explore new opportunities in school.

Day 1 at our new Dragons Den!

Today marked the day that all of the pupils and staff of Ysgol Y Ddraig had been looking forward to for over a year and a half. We finally opened the doors to our brand new school!


Lots of excited faces packed the school playgrounds in anticipation of seeing their new classroom.


Then they got to open their very own classroom!


The children then got to spend time in their new classrooms with their teachers.


The children got to a take a tour of the very big school! Exploring all the new rooms and areas.


Then it was time for assembly where we all got together for the very first time to celebrate Day 1 of our new school.


We even got to use the new technology in our classrooms, using our promethean smart boards and Apple Macs.


We then headed to the hall for some lunch!


Our head boy and girl even vlogged their whole day at school!


We love our new school!