What’s going on in Dosbarth Hafren

This week we take a look at Dosbarth Hafren! They have been up to so much recently with lots of roarsome experiences!

This week we had a special visitor, PC Pernell. He came into our classroom to discuss drugs. He asked us about what we knew about drugs and staying safe. We played different games to find out more about drugs and the dangers that are involved.


Nick Toulson came in to talk about our new school building, we took part in a construction workshop and got to find out a little bit more about the building and how its being made.


We also had a roarsome trip to Cardiff Bay. We got to take part in the Wondercrump workshop, which involved us making up imaginary words and giving them a definition as well as touring the Wondercrump museum which had all things Roald Dahl inside including giant peaches, monkey eating giants and lunch absorbing vitamin D!


Come back soon to find out what roarsome things another class is getting up to in Ysgol Y Ddraig!

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Litter pick with Ash Cymru

Today some of our pupils visited Llantwit Major beach along with Keep Wales tidy to help litter pick. Keep Wales tidy and their eco schools programme are trying to raise awareness to create smoke free and litter free beaches.

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 13.41.26.png

The children helped to collect as much rubbish as they could that will then be created into a mosaic. The mosaic will then be presented on Tuesday (27th September) at the Pier Head at 12:30pm. Welsh media will also be in attendance.


The children found that most of the rubbish was cigarette buds and realised how important it is to try and make the beach a smoke free area.

We can’t wait to see the mosaic on Tuesday!

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 13.42.00.png


What’s going on in Dosbarth Caerffili?

A lot has been going on in Dosbarth Caerfilli since we started life as year 6 pupils!

We jumped straight into action by going on a residential trip to Braeside. We did loads of activities including canoeing, jumping the leap of faith as well as making our own beds to sleep in. While on our trip we took part in the Dragon’s quest! The quest lasted 3 days including lots of walking (sometimes in thunder and lightening!) however we reached our destination and got to eat lots of our food. The teacher’s were being very sneaky and watching us to see if any of us could take on some important roles at school. We would later find out which roles our class mates would take on back at school.



Our new topic in is currently World War 2. We had to write a list of what we know and what we want to know at the beginning of the year. And we’re reading ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’, but we’re only two chapters in! We can’t wait to find out more about William and his adventures with Mr Tom.


Recently we have gone Roald Dahl crazy! Last week in dosbarth  Caerffili we were learning about Roald Dahl  and we were reading boy tales of childhood its an autobiography of the author. The whole school dressed as characters from Roald Dahls books! Everyone looked fantastic including Fantastic Mr Fox, Willy Wonka and even some Matilda’s.


It has been a busy first few weeks of term and we cannot wait for more roarsome learning!

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