Badge & Brand

This week I have been lucky enough to spend some time with a group of children from both schools. The ‘Badge Committee’ which consists of children from Y2-Y6, parents and staff have met in their own schools to discuss the criteria that they would like to have for the new design. Even though for this first meeting we met separately, there were many common themes. So far we have discussed the following statements and questions:

1. The badge should have a dragon as the main focus

2. What colour should our dragon be and why?

3. Can the dragon be standing on two legs?

4. Should the dragon have wings or not?

5. How can we include a heart in the design?

6. We must ensure our design is simple, bold and easily identified!

The two halves of our badge committee are going to take some time over half term to consider these points and think about how they want the designs to look. After half term we will be inviting everyone to submit their ideas before we all meet up as one committee. Our next meeting will also be attended by an artist who will help us coordinate and present our ideas as a badge.

New Beginnings

With the New Year came a new role, new colleagues and the exciting challenge of working towards the formation of a brand new school. After meeting the head teachers and governing bodies of each school it was time to meet the newly formed temporary governing body. Llantwit Major Comprehensive School have been very supportive with providing a venue for us to use and also with providing me a base in Llantwit Major.

One of our first jobs for the new school was to establish a name.We formed a ‘Naming Committee’ comprising of children, staff and parent representatives. The group decided upon a number of criteria that they felt was important to consider when deciding upon the new name. They worked closely with the School Councils and organised the gathering of ideas and names over several weeks. I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful suggestions. Following the final meeting the group presented their shortlist to governors Mr David Thomas and Mr Mick Mason to help with the final decision. The next step was to propose it to the Local Authority and wait for their approval.

It didn’t take long to come! Our new school is…

Ysgol Y Ddraig 

It translates as The Dragon School. Although we are not a Welsh medium school, it was clear to see the importance that everyone involved put into suggesting such a range of Welsh language names. One of the children’s criteria for our new name was that it should clearly have a ‘Welshness‘ factor. All of those involved in the final decision were happy that our name clearly demonstrates ‘pride and place’ as a school in Wales.